Northstar File Transfer from PC

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Tue May 6 08:04:00 2003


        I have a working N* Horizon system (dual drive, 56k RAM, monitor in
ROM) and would be happy to lend my testing services.

        From time to time, I've wrestled with the same disk image
manipulation issues for the Altair32 emulator, i.e., manipulating the disk
image outside of the emulation environment itself. My conclusion was that
there's no substitute for using the original OS for maniuplating the images.
So, we developed several methods to move program files into and out of the
emulator by using some home-grown and CP/M-native utilities and the file
transfer functions of the terminal program on the PC.

        I really want to do an external "image management" program but
haven't found a clean/easy way without essentially re-implementing portions
of the base OS.


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Hi Marvin
 Maybe this isn't exactly what you are looking for
but I'm currently working on some software to transfer
entire disk images through the serial port of a H89
to a PC. I have another friend checking out my first
version, now. I hope to do a similar things for the
N*'s as soon as I get one of these machines up and
running ( on my list of things to do ).
 I suppose that once the image is on the PC, one can
modify the image to include any new files, one wants
and then transfer it back to the N*. It isn't a nice
direct method but my main intent is to get some way
to send disk images over the net and not specifically
individual files.
 I haven't fiddled with the N* at all and don't
know a lot about it. The H89 has a simple monitor that
I use to hand enter a simple bootstrap program. With
this, I bring in the rest of the code to run the disk
drive. Does the N* have a ROM based monitor?
 I also have a similar setup for my Poly88 but that is
setup for getting code into the Poly88 and tape from the PC.
I used this to create code to do the various tape
copying functions. I can read code from a cassette
tape, transfer it through the serial to the PC and
later feed it back through the serial to the Poly88
to write back onto tape. I use a similar bootstrapping
code to get things started, through the Poly's monitor.

>From: "Marvin Johnston" <>
>What is the procedure for transfering files to and from a PC using N*
>DOS? For text from the N* to the PC, no problem, just print it out to
>the terminal (a DOS machine) and capture it. But what about going the
>other way, wanting to get information back to the N*? Any information
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