Trenton Computer Festival

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Tue May 6 11:30:01 2003

How common and cheap are 10/100 nubus network cards and 50/68pin nubus scsi
cards at these shows?
I need 1 of each to max out my quadra 840av.

Apple IIgs scsi cards available there for non ebay prices? I have a nice
syquest 44 drive and 10 carts I want to hook up to my IIgs.


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> >I wish I'd picked up one of the 68k Apples. I'm sure
> >the Hamvention will have scads of them though.
> Any particular model you are interested in? I have some extra 68k Macs
> here, maybe I have an extra of a model you are looking for
> -chris
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