Trenton Computer Festival

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Date: Tue May 6 13:54:00 2003

Mass stroage controllers for any of the old classics (Atari ST, Amiga 500,
Apple IIgs) are very hard to find and always command a few bucks on ebay. I
just cant see spending $50 or more for a scsi card for a complete system
that was $30 shipped with monitor disk drives etc. Guess I will keep

LEM has some nice deals if you view the list every day (stuff gets sold
quick if the price is good).

The nubus uwscsi cards go quick to people with old A/V capture systems that
need the speed (the reason I want one)

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> >10/100 NuBus? Never seen one
> I'm pretty sure Farallon made one.
> I've seen people requesting them on the LEM Swap list, but I don't know
> what kind of a price they get. I would imagine at least $20 or so, if for
> no other reason than they aren't all that common (unlike 10Mb Nubus cards
> which can be had for just a few $ each... I think I paid $10 for a box of
> 12 assorted on ebay about a year ago)
> >> Apple IIgs scsi cards available there for non ebay prices?
> >
> >Sometimes. Kinda rare, though. Best bet is a IIgs that has one
> >inside that nobody knows what it is.
> I'm still waiting for one of those as well. <sigh> eventually I'll find
> one.
> -chris
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