Trenton Computer Festival

From: chris <>
Date: Tue May 6 15:09:01 2003

>The MIT flea is in less than 2 weeks, is close enough in Boston,
>and is very Mac friendly BTW. I go for the DEC (still strong
>there) and even odder stuff, like airplane gyros and optical
>devices. Definitely something for everyone and less than 5%
>non-tech nailclippers kind of sellers.
>video, Hp, Tek, C64, Sun, parts, test equipment, radio, ?,
>all good there.

This I might go to. At least if I go to Boston, its only 4 hours each
way, and I have other excuses to go that direction (finally stop by Dave
W's in CT to swap some stuff with him, and I can visit my cousin who
lives in Boston, or a suburb of it... humm... actually I'm not really
sure WHERE she is these days... somewhere up that direction)

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