Tektronix 8560 with PDP-11/23 CPU running TNIX (UINX)

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed May 7 17:48:00 2003

> Hi.
> I got a "Tektronix 8560 Multi-User Software Development Unit" together
> with a Tektronix 8540 in system 68k CPU emulator. The 8560 is based on
> the DEC M8186 PDP-11/23 CPU module but that card is the one and only DEC
> part in the machine. Everything else is from Tektronix. There is a 35 MB
> 8" disk and a 8" floppy in the 8560 and it runs some flavor of UNIX
> called TNIX. I am trying to break into it currently, as I have no
> passwords. I can't get it to single user mode and I have no distribution
> media nor no stand alone tools.=20
> Has someone heared from this machine bevore?

Yes, I have one. The hard disk is a Micropolis 1200 series unit, with the
Micropolis controller board on top. The interface to the Q-bus board in
the main backplane is a fairly simple 8 bit data bus + control lines.

The backplane bus is similar to Q-bus, although not the standard pinouts
or form factor (other then the 11/23 CPUI card at one side).

> Has someone distribution media or stand alone tools?

I might have the installation floppies, but don't expect me to find them
any time soon!

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