Working 8" Floppy drives???

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed May 7 20:41:01 2003

> >> Does anyone know the whereabouts of any working 8" floppy
> >Have you considered substituting 1.2M 5.25" drives?
> >Once you make the appropriate cables and jumpering, they will usually work
> >as a drop-in replacement, with NO software changes.

On Wed, 7 May 2003, Dwight K. Elvey wrote:
> Hi
> I suspect that you'll need to transfer the files and
> such to the 5.25" disk. I've tried folding a 8 inch disk
> into a 5.25" drive with little success.
> Dwight

. . . and if you simply take an 8" disk and trim off the outside
edges down to 5.25", then you lose some of the low numbered tracks.
Also, some people fail to notice that the hub is a different size!
If you trim an 8" to fit in a 5.25" drive (such as because 5.25"
diskettes are hard to find), sometimes it will slip instead of
turning properly.

The easiest way to do it is to install both an 8" drive AND a 5.25" drive.
Be sure to label them, so the user will know which disk to put in which
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