Japanese 100V units on USA 110-120V

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat May 10 17:32:01 2003

> A recent dream come true (no, nothing to do with the opposite sex).
> I am, or will shortly be, the proud owner of a Tomy Pyuuta, the original
> Japanese release that evolved into the American Tomy Tutor. It's traveling
> on the high seas from Hokkaido, Japan as we speak.
> Anyone out there have experience with how Japanese computers of that era
> (early 1980s) tolerate United States mains voltage, since Japanese voltage
> is lower (100V)? Any recommendations, cautions, or concerns?

It might be OK< but it's quite easy to reduce the US voltage to around
100V. What you need is a step-down transformer giving about 15V from the
US mains. The secodnary current rating of this transformer can be quite
low -- 1A should be easily enough.

Connect it like this :
             | |
                 )||( 15V
                 )||( Secondary
Mains 115V )||(---------------o
         Primary )||
                 )|| 100V
                 )|| Output

Conncect up the transformer as shown, but don't connect the output to
your machine yet. Connect an AC voltmeter to the output. If you get a
higher voltage out (around 130V) that the mains, then switch off and
reverse the connections to one (but not both) of the transformer
windings. When you get around 100V out, you can connect it to the
Japanese machine.

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