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From: Peter Turnbull <>
Date: Sat May 10 18:44:10 2003

On May 10, 12:15, Jochen Kunz wrote:
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On 2003.05.10 12:00 Peter Turnbull wrote:
> > 1 x HSD10-AA DSSI-SCSI controller (what does this do, exactly?)
> Sounds like a very nifty device that can turn a (bunch of) SCSI
> into a (bunch of) DSSI disk(s). I.e. you connect a SCSI disk on one
> side and it presents a DSSI disk on a DSSI bus on the other side to a
> VAX. As DSSI disks are rare, especially with high capacity, this
> may be of some value.

Oh. Maybe I should investigate that. Thanks, Jochen. Anyone else
know any more about how it works (connections, etc)? Anyone
desperately need one?

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