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From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Sat May 10 22:42:01 2003

Quothe John Lawson, from writings of Fri, May 09, 2003 at 03:23:13PM -0400:
> And what it means is - that even now we begin to lose the great people
> who have been at the foundations of the technology that modern
> 'civilization' is founded upon, and seemingly no one takes notice. They
> are silently passing and who knows? Who cares? What network runs a
> 'Special: The Passing of a Nerd'

Well said! One's perceived value to society appears to be inversely
proportional to intellect. To be of great value to society, one must
think like a lobotomized ape and go around speaking such meaningful
phrases as "duhhh, footbawl!"

> Yet - if every digital device were to cease working tomorrow - just how
> close to the Stone Age do ya think we'd sink?

Considering that a large percentage of the world's population,
including a large percentage U.S. population, still appears to not
even have evolved to the Stone Age yet, it probably wouldn't take long
at all. Given that a large percentage of politicians still have a
pre-pre-historic mind-set, they won't be of much help.

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