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Date: Sun May 11 01:26:01 2003

On Sat, 10 May 2003, chris wrote:

> Although I would rule out the Voyager computer for two reasons. 1: You
> can't say for sure that it is still running (is it still sending back
> data?) and 2: Its only still running because no one shut it off.

A computer is a computer whether it has an on/off switch, is sitting on
your lap, or whizzing through space a billion miles away.

> However, I WOULD consider any original ground based systems that are
> still in use listening for data from Voyager to be valid. At least they
> are still serving a purpose even if they aren't getting any data.

I am inclined to believe there may still be some ground systems for the
Space Shuttle program that are run on 8080 based machines.

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