StorageWorks question

From: Peter Turnbull <>
Date: Sun May 11 04:05:01 2003

On May 10, 19:20, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> >I have a StorageWorks unit that's surplus to requirements. It's a
> >floor-standing box, complete with the doors and keys, 2 PSUs, and
> >"innards". Can anyone tell me if all thse bits belong in the same
> >unit?
> >
> >2 x SWXBP power supply
> Unless the HSD10 is pulling a LOT of power, you should be able
> to get by using just one of these, while having two gives you
> redundant power, I prefer to have the slot open for another device.

I'm fairly sure it was set up that way to have redundant power (from
two different sources).

> >1 x HSD10-AA DSSI-SCSI controller (what does this do, exactly?)
> As mentioned, it lets you use SCSI devices on a MicroVAX with DSSI.

It has three connectors on the front; two 50-pin high-density
D-connectors (like SCSI-2 conectors) and an RJ11. I assume those
50-way connectors are DSSI, and the RJ11 is for a terminal?

> >1 x 70-32155-01 8-bit interface (SCSI? or what?)
> Does this plug into the end opposite the powersupplies? It
> sounds like you've got a BA356 shelf. If so, I'm envious,
> I've only got BA350's, the BA356 supports both 8-bit and
> 16-bit interface modules. Oh, yes, if we're talking about
> the same thing, it's SCSI. It's a High Density 50-pin
> connector, right?

Yes, it is. Two of them, in fact. The module is in the top, inserted
from the front, same as everything else. Ah, I guess you're thinking
in terms of a horizontal rack-mounted unit (the other one that the
VAXes had was mounted like that); this unit has the extra pieces for
floor mounting and (AFAIK) doesn't have the brackets for rack mounting.

Does it make sense to have both the 70-32155-01 SCSI interface and the
HSD10-AA DSSI/SCSI unit in the same shelf?

> >1 x RZ29B 4.3GB fast wide disk
> RZ29B-VW?

RZ29B-VA, it says on the outside.

> >1 x TLZ06 DDS tape drive
> You have an SBB, with a TLZ06 in it? Now I'm even greener with
> envy! I've only got disks. Plus, I don't have any of the nice
> enclosed models with doors.
> >I should have mentioned it's a BA35X-MD box.
> These are actually the fans on the back of the shelf. The
> good news is they're the good dual-speed ones that support
> the 7200RPM drives.

Ok, so I shouldn't just dump it, then ;-)

To be honest, though, I don't think I want to keep it. I have two
MicroVAXes, a uVAX-II in a BA23, and a uVAX 3100 (DV-31AT1-A, on the
label on the back). Both have internal drives. I'm not likely to use
either for anything serious, and I need the space the StorageWorks unit
is occupying.

> >It came wih a MicroVAX some time ago, but I've never used it.
> >want it, for a suitably low price?
> You might just want to keep it... I really like using StorageWorks
on my VMS systems. I've got a BA350 attached to the PWS 433au I use as
a server via a Narrow SCSI card.
> If you want, I should be able to dig up all the manuals on this, as I
think I've got PDF's of them.

I'll have another look round, where it came from. They may still be

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