Oldest computer still in current use

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sun May 11 15:31:00 2003

> >I think the answer is yes to both questions if it is running Unix (BSD),
>>but no if it is running RT-11.
>The answer is yes to both even for RT.. there is a TCP/IP stack
>for RT which was submitted to DECUS. I seem to remember 110939
>as the package number. There are also third-party TCP/IP
>stacks for RT (and the other pdp-11 OSes)

I assume you're talking about Alan Baldwin's stack, it works great! I've only used it for Telnet and FTP, but as I recall it even supports email, and web. In fact it can be found at shop-pdp.kent.edu, and that's what shop-pdp.kent.edu is running.

For the person asking about connecting a PDP-11 to the net:
There is TCPware for RSX-11M, RSX-11M+, MicroRSX, and I believe RT-11, TSX+, IAS, and of course VMS/MicroVMS. Unfortunatly to the best of my knowledge there has never been a TCP stack for RSTS/E. ISTR, that someone else made a commercial stack, but I'm not sure who or what they supported. Also, Johnny Billquist has an unreleased partially done stack for RSX-11M+.

Of course there was DECnet support for all of the OS's that I mention above, as well as TOPS-10, TOPS-20, and at least a couple other OS's (apparently there was support somehow for the PDP-8, and I think the PDP-15).

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