Stone age? (was: George Morrow died Wed May 7th 2003

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sun May 11 18:12:00 2003

> > flashlight. Rebuilding? Without the existing infrastructure
> > (in the wilderness), how many people would be capable of
> > building/making ANYTHING? Other than Tony, could you make a
> > battery? a bulb?
On Sun, 11 May 2003, Antonio Carlini wrote:
> I'd have to think for a bulb. I'd have plenty of time
> while growing the spuds for a battery though :-)

A bulb is not so hard. There are a lot of filaments that would work. The
hard part is creating one that works well enough.

OK, you can get the voltage that you need by wiring your spuds in series,
and the amperage by multiples in parallel. For anybody who has ever
ACTUALLY produced electricity with a potato, how many would you need to
light an incandescent flashlight bulb? and how close to the efficiency of
a commercial bulb can you get with a homemade one?

Will your Maglite have casters?

> earlier (but once I get bulb and battery sorted, I'm
> moving straight onto the time machine and the subsequent
> law suit :-))

That will take a lot of spuds.

(The "rigged demonstration" addendum was, of course, by Morrow)
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