DEC hardware question re infoserver 150

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Sun May 11 21:39:00 2003

On Sun, 11 May 2003, Fred deBros wrote:

> I have a MODEL -SEACD-AX-A01 infoserver 150 box containing a cd and an
> hdd
> The back panel looks almost like a Vaxstation, except that it has two
> scsi terminators, 3 mmj plugs called 1, 2 and 3 with the two-way
> arrows on them (my guess serial i/o) and a db25 instead of the db15.
> Above the db25 plug is a square containing a broad arrow upward, not
> the usual printer symbol found on dec eqpt. No mouse and no kbd plug
> there. But otherwise, the back of the box looks similar: it has the
> aui and bnc Ethernet connectors, the push-button switch between them
> and the s3 switch between the check lights and the db25 pin plug.

That sounds /exactly/ like what's on the back of a MicroVAX 3100 (either
a 10, 20, 10e, or 20e). This would be a contemporary system to the
VAXstation 3100, but there aren't any graphics options for it.

> So the s3 switch looking exactly like the one on a Vaxstation 3100
> series should do the same: switch from serial display/console to
> terminal. And the dB25 plug is not a printer out, but functionally
> similar to the db15 of the vs3100: it carries mouse/kbd and b/w analog
> signals (single bnc) for a terminal display. No SPX or GPX board in
> there anyways. Am I right?
> Long slide for a short question: Is there a DEC cable that fits this
> db25 plug and that has the mouse/kbd plugs - analogous to the vs3100
> 15-pin plug? Does anyone have the pinouts to this db25 plug?

If this is an early MicroVAX 3100 derived system, which I believe it is,
the DB25F connector is a standard serial port. You can connect a null
modem between it an a serial terminal (or a straight through cable for
other serial devices)

> All I need is kbd and analog out. That would allow me to fire up this
> otherwise nifty combo in netbsd for vax. Or try the new linux vs3100
> kernel on a compact system that has the cd built-in.....

 he ports labelled 1-3 are standard DEC MMJ serial ports. Port #3 is
the one you should use for the serial console. If you want a
keyboard/display,l you'll either need a terminal or a PC and a null
modem running terminal emulation software.

Your best bet for getting an OS running on this is to run NetBSD/vax.
There's a bootable ISO cdrom image available at:


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