Oldest computer still in current use

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Date: Mon May 12 11:45:00 2003

>From: TeoZ <teoz_at_neo.rr.com>
>The oldest computer still in use has to be a government non military server
>somewhere. The military gets too much cash not to swap their equipment out
>every decade at the latest so I rule them out. Other branches only upgrade

 You must know something about the military that I don't know. When
I was in the military ( middle 70's ) we were still using some pieces
of gear that were made during ww2. The military often doesn't replace
something until you can't get replacement parts any more. In some
cases, even then, ways are found to keep them running.
 They do get a lot of new gear but that is usually to add function
and not to replace.

>after every user who knows how to run the system is dead/retired. Probably
>some computer setup for the social security database, or liscense plate
>server or other mundane task.
>Besides im shure there are tons of Sinclair's running chemical plant
>controllers in the Ukraine somewhere that are at least older then the C64.
>What about the computer sent out in the Voyager spacecraft in the 70's? Or
>is this just personal computers?
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>> > What about Commodore 64?
>> Hardly. That's one of those newfangled little computers of relatively
>> recent vintage. It doesn't seem all that long since my C-64 was
>> brand spanking new. Does that mean that I'm getting old? ;-)
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