OT: Voyager watts

From: Alexander Schreiber <als_at_thangorodrim.de>
Date: Mon May 12 13:09:00 2003

On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 11:24:53AM -0400, chris wrote:
> >In the
> >case of a Voyager-class probe, with RTG-sourced power,
> For the few of us on the list that are idiots (ok, fine, just for me
> then), what is RTG sourced power?

Radionuclear Thermal Generator, a device which contains some suitable
radioactive isotope. The isotope produces heat due to nuclear decay and
this heat is used to produce electric power. A nice longterm source for
considerable amounts of power (depending on size/weight constraints,
they can deliver anything from a few watt to a few kilowatt and even
Disadvantages: guaranteed to not earn you any new friends among the
treehuggers and its power output drops logarithmically over time.

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