Sun rises in the east.

From: Andy Holt <>
Date: Tue May 13 00:40:00 2003

> I did some looking and Sun just wants to sell Solaris 8
> and 9 (incompat. w/ Sparc-2), plus I saw some list prices
> for the sw up to $36,000. No good for me. You suggest
> that 2.6 is still available (32 meg in this machine), but where.
> Can I get yet one more clue?

Interesting ... old versions of Solaris* are almost always available on eBay
in the UK; yet a search of eBay for items available to USA currently only
shows one copy - and that is in England (in spite of being listed under
At ?5 the price is right - but the postage across the herring pond may be
We are also seing lots of SS10s and 20s at low prices ... 5s tend to get a
bit more and Ultras are almost always over ?100.

2.3, 2.6, 7, and 8 (and 9) occur fairly frequently - 9 can fetch ?40-50,
earlier versions tend to be much less expensive.

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