PDP 11/34 rebuild

From: Greg Elkin <ClassicComputers_at_bouncy-castle.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue May 13 08:41:01 2003

Acquire a PDP11/34 system recently (11/34 CPU, RX02 dual drive, 2 off
RL01 drives) ; before shipping it was running to the point of
displaying an _at_ sign on the terminal happily (it didn't boot from DY
as it should have but I thought I'd address that once it was back

However, on putting it back together in my shed, the beast shows no
front panel lights (not even DC OK), no LEDs on any cards & no _at_. The
fans whir when powering on (

Card configuration is :
1 AF M8266 KD11EA-control
2 AF M8265 KD11EA data path
3 AF M7840 KE11-B blackened/hot bits of PCB round resistor DIPs?
4 AB M9132 (soldered wires to FPanel)
  CF M7859 KY11-LB J1 to (FPanel)
5 AF M7891 128K*18 MOS mem
6 AF "Dr11 PHI733-1" card, unknown
7 AF M7762 RL11 controller
8 CF M7856 SLU/RTC option
9 AB M9032 terminator
  CF M8256 RX211 interface

If I want to take out the RL01 & RX02 controllers & the unknown card
in slot 6, do I just leave the cards out (I'm a QBUS guy, don't know
much yet about UNIBUS and any daisy chaining DMA/INT signals etc) or
will I need some grant controllers of some form (I may have some in
the PDP11/44 system I have awaiting restoration)?

Any pointers for what to check out & in what order?

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