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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue May 13 09:02:01 2003

--- David Woyciesjes <> wrote:
> > Andy
> Well, browsing around Sun's website, I found that you can download
> Solaris 8 and 9...
> Prices:
> Download Solaris 9/Sparc - free
> Download Solaris 9/x86 - US$20
> Download Solaris 8/Both - US$20
> Solaris 9 is through the Free Binary License program, and Sol 8
> used to be free; I'm not sure if it still is in the Free Binary program.

I think "used to" is the operative phrase. Sun tends to want you to
upgrade, including adding a little $20 persuasion in this case. Also,
they didn't really want to make Solaris 9 for x86, but scuttlebutt is
that a large customer leaned on them for it.

Somewhere on the site, you can even download a PDF with the correct
labels. You have to use the ones that are aligned vertically along
the center axis of the paper (as opposed to the ones with the labels
in opposite corners), but I dropped a sheet with those puppies in an
HP LaserJet 4550 and it cranked out some fine, professional-looking
lables for me (which seriously beat a scrawl from a Sharpie).

In any case, neither download will help you with a SPARC2. Your best
bet is to borrow a 2.6 kit or pick one up on eBay. If you have any
friends who do Solaris for a living, they might have a 2.6 kit gathering
dust on a shelf. OTOH, I'm sure I'd be surprised at the number of
systems that were shipped with 2.6 that are still running it, so maybe
that distro isn't gathering dust yet.

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