Seeking Surplus Places, Portland area

From: Rick Bensene <>
Date: Tue May 13 20:45:01 2003

NORVAC is strictly an electronics supply house. They sell a lot of
stuff, from components,
materials, test equipment, computer supplies, software, name
it. But, nothing
particularly vintage. It's an old place...been around for quite a long
time, and it
definitely has some charm, but probably not a place that a vintage RF &
test equipment
enthusiast might want to hang up for long.'s a fun place to
if you've got a thick pocketbook.

All my opinion, of course. I've used them for buying bits and pieces
for years, and
they've always been good to me, albeit a bit expensive compared to the
mail order places.

Rick Bensene

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> Fellow listmembers,
> I'm making a run to Portland and vicinity later this
> week (Thursday, so I can at least see if the rumors about
> Tektronix's company store are true). I'm going to be looking
> for electronic surplus places to add to the listings on my
> web site, and I would appreciate input as to any I may have
> missed from this list:
> Da Lode Surplus Electronics, 8221 N. Denver
> R5-D3 Electronic Surplus, 9770 SE Stanley Ave.
> Wacky Willy's (both stores, NW Vaughn and Hillsboro).
> Tektronix Company Surplus (I already have directions).
> I'll also be doing some shopping of my own, but please
> bear in mind that my interests have swung hard away from
> computer hardware and back into the RF and test equipment
> realm. That's not to say I wouldn't like to find, say, Data
> I/O programming stuff, it's just not my primary focus when
> I'm shopping any more.
> So... Have I missed anyone? I came across a phone book
> entry for 'Norvac Electronics' that sounded vaguely familiar,
> but I figure Portland area folk will know best.
> Thanks much.
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