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Date: Wed May 14 20:38:00 2003

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> I just aquired a ClubMac tape drive that I want to test. It is a rebadged
> Teac MT-2ST/N50 cassette drive. I'm hunting around for info, and it looks
> like that uses a 600XD cassette.
> A regular audio tape cassette fits in it. Does anyone know if I can use
> regular audio tapes? Maybe a particular style of audio tape?
> I really just want to test the drive to see if it works, so if an audio
> tape will work long enough to write some data and read it again to make
> sure the drive functions, that should be enough. I don't really want to
> plunk down $15 for a data cassette for it to find that the drive is dead.

I have a number of data cassette tapes still in original packaging. A maxell
CS-600XD says 600feet length, 16,000ftpi and D/CAS-86 compatible. Have no
idea what that means.
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