Atari Power Supplies ????

From: Alan Greenstreet <>
Date: Thu May 15 04:53:01 2003

Hi Gene

I've checked my Atari 800XL, but living where I do they are all 240V
supplies though.
I have CO 61763-34 for the main power supply. The output is stated as
5V --- 7.5VA.
The cassette recorder/player has a supply CO 61516-13 which states
8.52VAC at 4.26VA
 From what you have on your list it appears the US voltage models must
be quite different.
I hope this is of some help

On Thursday, May 15, 2003, at 09:26 Pacific/Auckland, Gene Ehrich wrote:

> 1. Can anybody tell me which power supply(s) should be used with the
> Atari800XL computer
> 2. Also if you know what machine they are each for that would be great.
> 3. Is there someplace to find a listing of Atari Power Supplies and
> what machine they are for?
> Atari Power Supply C061982
> Atari Power Supply C070042-011
> Atari Power Supply Model CO 14319
> IP 120vac 60hz 18.5w OP 9vac 15.3va
> Atari Power Supply Part Number C010472
> IP 120v 60hz 9w OP 9v dc 500ma
> Atari Power Supply part number C016804
> IP 120v 60hz OP 9vac 31VA
> Atari Power Supply part number C017945
> IP 120v 60hz 50w OP 9vac 31VA
> Atari Power Supply part number CA14748
> IP 120v 60hz 20w OP 15VA
> Atari Power Supply part number C016353
> IP 120v 60hz 11w OP 9v DC 500ma
> for Atari 2600
> Atari Power Supply part number C018187
> IP 120vac 60hz 38va OP9.3vdc at 1.95A
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