What is this Apple cable

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Thu May 15 09:49:00 2003

Anyone know what this cable might go to:

Its an Apple looking cable (Apple Platinum, same physical connector style
as they used, and found in a box of Apple/Mac stuff... it just lacks an
actual Apple logo). It goes from 15 pin D-shell (Mac RGB style) to 9 pin
D-shell (PC Serial style).

Assuming it to be an Apple cable, it looks like it would go from RGB to
something. I'm not aware of any Apple monitors that use a 9 pin connector
however. I know there were some 3rd party ones for early Macs (some full
page monitors and the likes), but I didn't know of any that would
interface with the Mac's RGB connector. Of course, this doesn't rule out
that it is a 3rd party video cable that maybe went to a custom video card
(like most of the 9 pin using 3rd party monitors I have seen do, only
those that I have seen that use 9 pin have all been 9 pin to 9 pin, not
15 to 9).

So, has anyone seen a cable like this before that can do better job of
speculating what it is for. I am going under the assumption that it is an
Apple cable, but if anyone has seen a similar cable for the PC or other
systems, I'll be happy to entertain those ideas as well.

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