Removing duct tape residue.

From: chris <>
Date: Thu May 15 21:06:00 2003

> I've used alcohol on that stuff and it seems to remove some but not all
>of it. I've never found anything that would remove it completely.

I've used Simple Green. Put a good coating of it on (a small pool of it
to cover the marker), then let it sit... and sit... and sit some more...
then look at it, walk away and let it sit some more. Give it a good 30

Then firmly start rubbing it off. I've found that takes off most all of
it. Repeat as needed (usually after the 2nd or 3rd application, the
marker is either gone completely, or faded to the point of not very
noticable... however, on some materials it has almost no effect other
than to waste your time and stink up your work bench)

Try on the case in a non noticable area first, as I've also found letting
Simple Green sit for that long can discolor some paint and plastics.

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