Pagemaker 3 for the MAC (and other MAC-related things)

From: Ram & Suganthi M. <>
Date: Fri May 16 11:18:33 2003


I have several documents (whitepapers on various transputer products from
Paramax) that was apparently created using Pagemaker 3 for the MAC. I was
able to get a copy of Pagemaker for Windows (latest version), but
unfortunately documents are not cross-platform friendly on different
versions of Pagemaker. I also do not have a MAC and hence I am currently
using Basilisk for NT (which suits my current needs). Does anyone have a
copy of Pagemaker 3 for the MAC? Or better yet, help me convert these
documents into postscript/pdf so that I can post them on my website.

I also have several disk images of various transputer programs and
applications for the MAC. I am having problems reading these files (they
come up as corrupted). Dont know what I can do as I dont know if it is
Basilisk's fault or the files are really corrupt. Can someone with a MAC
expand out the files and possibly stuffit for me instead?

Any help is much appreciated,


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