Leaving the hobby

From: Doc <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Fri May 16 18:06:00 2003

Thompson Family wrote:
> False shock and sentimentality went the way of the mullet. Just ignore me if
> you don't like me.

   Just a word of reasonable advice, although I don't think you'll get
it even if you _are_ paying attention.

   Most of the folk on this list are old, by your standards. We play by
odl-fart rules and principles. Two of those principles are friendship
and sympathy, or at least empathy. We don't give a rat's ass if those
things are old-fashioned or outmoded. And, like any group of humans, we
take offense when those principles, or the way we express them, are
ridiculed by some wet-eared, tinhorn punk.

   I'm sure you realize that you're perfectly free to post most anything
you want to this list.

   I wonder if you realize how close you are to being the only one on
the list who even *sees* your posts, much less reads them.

   In other words, is "killfile" on the very short list of things you

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