Running PCs on 12v

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Fri May 16 20:26:00 2003


>> Any chance of using 48VDC? There's plenty of surplus industrial PCs (and
>>PSUs) that run off of that. I've often wondered if you couldn't run a PC
>>directly off of 12VDC (with a regulator to drop one line to 5VDC).

        I saw a lot of these in my usual surplus catalogs but producing 48v from
batteries of a sufficient amperage is a bulky proposition. I envision a
small cordura camera bag filled with two surplus 12v 7ah lead acid batteries
(in parallel) and some switching gear for the scope and the PC.

        I also looked at some of the mobile MP3 projects but the most suitable
solution was $150 and didn't have the right amperage ratings.

        I don't know...maybe I'm looking for something that really doesn't exist. I
really wanted to avoid building my own supply, though.

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