Leaving the hobby

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Date: Sat May 17 21:30:01 2003

 "R. D. Davis" <rdd_at_rddavis.org> observed,

>Incorrect response to such a wife: "Yes dear." [wimpily spoken]

>Correct response to such a wife: "You're right, we're not taking it
>with us, I'm taking it with me. Either you're coming with me, or you
>aren't. Make up your mind." [spoken very matter of factly and calmly,
>then just let any arguments, shouting, screeching, etc. go in one ear
>and out the other]

My first wife called this bluff and left, leaving me with the son and all
the bills. She filed property settlement papers that placed the value of
my collection at over $10,000, including my Kaypro 10 at $2,500, a PS2 at
$1,500 and a 9 pin Epson at $160. The current wife is an electrician
with a case of "Pack rat syndrome" equal to mine. The only classic
related disagreements we have are over whose turn it is to use the
ancient ones and how nice it would be to get 1/2 of the spare room for
her stuff, I tell her that she can have the bottom 1/2.

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