Oldest computer still in current use

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Date: Sun May 18 02:41:36 2003

I was wrong. All SP operations except for final testing and QA ended in
the northeast when Kingston closed.

Peace... Sridhar

On Sun, 11 May 2003, John Boffemmyer IV wrote:

> Yes, oddly enough, it at one point was sitting in the power parallel dept
> running calculations for various things while the deep blue was being
> built. I remember my father's manager complaining about IBM insisting that
> their subcontractor department had to use it and were not allowed to
> replace it. The just put in for a replacement of a "failed server" that sat
> there running fine and IBM plopped in another $150k server next to it
> without realizing it. Though, the S/360/30 was still used. Nowadays, from
> what I last heard from a guy at IBM Poughkeepsie, NY, the S/360/30 in
> question is being used to process and develop information on some of IBM's
> older but still used machines (such as software/firmware development and
> revisions, etc.). I've also heard htat a similar unit was being used by KLA
> Temcor (sp?) in robotics development and control. They seem to like coming
> to my company's shop and picking up serial and SCSI cabling for the robotic
> units to interface them with the controlling machines while they are being
> developed. Cheaper than continuously banging out proto-boards every time
> you'd like to make a change to the function or design or when you need to
> make a revision.
> -John
> At 12:50 AM 5/11/2003, you wrote:
> >On Sat, 10 May 2003, TeoZ wrote:
> >
> > > The oldest computer still in use has to be a government non military
> > > server somewhere. The military gets too much cash not to swap their
> > > equipment out every decade at the latest so I rule them out. Other
> > > branches only upgrade after every user who knows how to run the system
> > > is dead/retired. Probably some computer setup for the social security
> > > database, or liscense plate server or other mundane task.
> > >
> > > Besides im shure there are tons of Sinclair's running chemical plant
> > > controllers in the Ukraine somewhere that are at least older then the
> > > C64.
> > >
> > > What about the computer sent out in the Voyager spacecraft in the 70's?
> > > Or is this just personal computers?
> >
> >IBM East Fishkill still very much has Series/1's in full operation. I
> >think there's also an S/360/30 doing something.
> >
> >Peace... Sridhar
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