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Date: Sun May 18 22:49:01 2003

Quothe Vintage Computer Festival, from writings of Sun, May 18, 2003
at 07:30:15PM -0700:
> No, no, no. Wrong tactic. You must insist that you are saving the legacy
> of computer history that will one day restart mankind after some
> armegeddon wipes out most of our population and technology and we must
> start over. Then you afford yourself a messianic stature.

And, let's not forget to insist that the judge address you as "your
royal holiness of technology preservation." Refuse to address the
court without being bowed to. Insist that the judge, and everyone
else, who doesn't collect computers, waits for the royal wave from you
before they speak. Lastly, when asked any computer-related questions,
insist that you be allowed to consult your followers and members of
your extended royal family, the classiccmp group. If they attempt to
charge you with contempt of court, plead permanent insanity (remember,
insanity is a good thing). When they try to cart you away to the
funny farm, claim that you're not mentally unstable, just eccentric,
but not crazy like everyone else who doesn't preserve vast quantities
of computers. Swear on the Weeks and James book "Eccentrics," and a
stack of holy 7th Edition UNIX source code, that it's the truth. ;-)

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