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Date: Mon May 19 14:08:01 2003

On May 18, 10:58, wrote:
> Isn't MEK a carcinogen? (Unlike HCl or Acetone...)

Not that I know of. See, for example,

Lots of other common (or once-common) solvents are, though. Compare
111-TCE, toluene, carbon tetrachloride, ...,1,1-trichloroethane.html

On May 18, 15:51, Jon Titus wrote:
> To remove the residue from non-water-soluble adhesives left behind by
> masking tape, labels, duct tape, electrical tape, etc., I've used
xylene or
> xylol with good results.

Not a good choice. It used to be a constituent of thinners for
cellulose paints, but now it's not allowed to be sold in normal
hardware stores over here, for a variety of reasons (and most cellulose
paints have been replaced by safer alternatives).

Anyway, it's more drastic than you need. Turpentine substitute is
slower, but works on much the same things, and won't harm plastics.

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