8008 treasure trove

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Date: Tue May 20 13:49:00 2003


    Nice finds! I'm looking forward to seeing them on your site.


At 01:48 PM 5/20/03 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks to the kindness of Mr. Robert Baer, I've just received a fantastic
>set of 8008-related documents. As I'm able I'll be scanning them and
>putting them on my 8008 web page http://www.jkearney.com/8008/. The catch
>- Hal Singer's _Mark-8 (later Micro-8) Newsletter_, vol 1 #1 - vol 2 #6
>(1974-1976). All kinds of modifications, programming and war stories about
>the Mark-8, and later covering the 8080-based computers such as the MITS
>- Hal Chamberlin's _The Computer Hobbyist_, #1 - #10 (1974-1976). An 8008
>vector CRT display interface design, cassette interface, and an S-100 floppy
>controller were big topics in these.
>- The Microsystems International 8008 data book (they were Intel's Canadian
>second source, in addition to Siemens in Germany), containing not only the
>data sheet but a complete design and monitor listing for the MOD8 computer.
>- A number of MOD8 add-on designs from various individuals, including
>parallel I/O, audio cassette interface, and interfaces to the Suding
>scientific calculator board from Mini Micro Mart (remember them? There are
>a couple of their catalogs here too)
>- (this is not 8008-related, but too good not to mention) An original copy
>of Tom Pittman's Tiny BASIC Experimenter's Kit with the 6800 addendum
>(printed on typewriter paper on a teletype, no less). Unfortunately the IL
>code interpreter source is no longer with the package. Dr. Pittman has put
>this on the web, by the way: http://www.sbuniv.edu/~tpittman/IttyBitty/; the
>copies I have here appear to be identical.
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