HP nixie tube module information needed

From: Dave Brown <tractorb_at_ihug.co.nz>
Date: Tue May 20 19:20:00 2003


The DCAs (Decimal Counter Assembly) in those counters (5243 series, 5245
series) came in low and high speed versions. The -6016 is the normal low
speed 600kHz version used in most of the count positions and provides +1224
BCD output to the rear panel connector. The -6003 version is the option 03
variation of it that provided 1248 BCD output with the '1' state
negative.(as opposed to the -6002 which was the same but with '1' state
I have schematics if you need 'em- my 5245M still rolls along quite nicely
since it knows I have the service info!

 Dave Brown
 Christchurch, NZ

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Subject: HP nixie tube module information needed

> Hello,
> Probably my best find at the recent Hamvention in Dayton OH was a
> stack of nixie tube modules made by HP. In retrospect, I wish that
> I had purchased the whole box of them, but I hopefully have enough
> to at least make a clock.
> I have two variations on the modules, the part numbers are:
> HP 05212-6016 series 648
> HP 05212-6003 series 415
> They both use Borroughs B422 nixie tubes and look like they may have
> an integrated HV supply of some sort.
> Here are a couple of pics for reference:
> http://www.ubanproductions.com/Images/nixie1.jpg
> http://www.ubanproductions.com/Images/nixie2.jpg
> I would appreciate if anyone can tell me what HP (or other) instruments
> may have used these modules. I would also like to find a schematic of
> the module if possible.
> Thanks!
> --tom
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