3-1/2" Floppy Market Cornered

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Tue May 20 22:13:00 2003

>I thought you could use 3.5" HD/DD disks in a DS/DD drive just fine. At
>worst a piece of tape over the "wrong" hole if necessary.

At least with the Mac, this isn't a good idea for long term use. It will
sometimes format the disk as DD if you tape over the HD sense hole, but
even if it does, you can pretty much count on the disk failing in a very
short period of time. I've never had a disk last more than a few
read/write sessions. After that, errors start occuring and you can't read
or write to it any more.

In many of the cases, the disk is usually hosed after this and won't take
a format back to HD anymore.

I can't say that I've really tried it outside of a Mac, so it might just
be a Mac thing that keeps it from working.

And despite the fact that some company made a hole puncher to make DD
disks into HD disks (I have one), that doesn't seem to work any better on
the Mac. In fact, in my findings, it works even worse as it rarely ever
even took the HD format in the first place, and when it did, it
immediatly starting having R/W errors and was unusable anyway.

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