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Date: Wed May 21 09:13:04 2003

 << I just took delivery of a Cybernetic Systems Mathiputer.It's a stupid
odd-shaped math toy that quizes you on arithmetic..... >>

       Hey, i WANT one of those things! In some thirty plus years of
teaching special education kids, i have never found anything before or since
that has worked as well for getting number facts semi-permanently into a
certain subset of smart, but learning disabled, brains!

       NONE of the newer fancy number facts software can hold a candle.... If
i knew how to program, i'd write something for windows that worked precisely
like the good ol' Mathiputer!

       So.... If happens you know where i can get one that is still
functional, at a price i can possibly afford on school teacher's wages,

Ghena Dalby
Received on Wed May 21 2003 - 09:13:04 BST

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