openvms... another question

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed May 21 10:25:25 2003

--- Jay West <> wrote:
> Ok, I know NOTHING about openVMS. However, this just came up...
> A friend of a friend offered me what he says is a complete set of OpenVMS
> media. No manuals, just the media.

Take it. That having been said, what version and what media? CD-ROM?

> Several questions:
> From what I understand, isn't there some type of hobbyist free license
> for openvms?

Yes. You have to join Encompass (formerly DECUS) to get access to the
license key generator which will let you build licenses PAKs (files with
magic numbers) with a one-year expiration date. You'll need to renew
the PAKs every year. See

> If so, not sure why I should grab the media from him if I can
> just download it.

The Hobbyist license does not provide for getting the media - you
must buy/borrow it on your own. There are no legitimate download
sites for OpenVMS (and no illegitimate sites that I am aware of).

> Or is there a value to getting the media from him, as to it
> giving me the ability to purchase a license transfer or something...

License transfer has nothing to do with the media. I have a real,
filed and stamped VMS license from when I bought my VAX-11/725
in 1987. At the time, it was worth something. Now, it's only
commerical value (if any) would be as credit on an upgrade (if any).

> in short, is there a special reason getting "real" media is desirable?

It's easier than borrowing.

> Lastly... he said it runs on vax's and pdp's. Not sure if he knows what
> he's talking about, so I'll ask here. Could this run on my 11/44?

Um... no. With the 11/44, you can run 2BSD, RT-11, RSX, RSTS, probably
DOS, and, I'm sure, several other things, but not VMS. You need a
VAX or Alpha processor to run that.

> Thanks for any enlightenment!

You're welcome.

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