Practical Electronics CHAMP/Tangerine Microtan 65

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed May 21 17:50:31 2003

> Many years ago Practical Electronics in the UK
> published the design of a microprocessor-based system
> called the CHAMP. If I remember rightly it was built
> on Veroboard. I remember reading the articles in the

One large piece of veroboard (stripboard for those across the Pond :-))
on top of the case for all the logic (that way you coupld probe at all
the IC pins without extender cards). Another somewhat smaller piece of
veroboard on top of a similar case for the CHAMP-PROG (1702 Eprom
programmer). This was a 4040-based machine, of course.

> school library and wishing I could build one.
> Did anyone ever build one of these ? Do the plans
> still exist anywhere ?

I should still have all 10 artictles for the CHAMP, CHAMP-PROG and
CHAMP-UV (EPROM eraser). But don't even think of building one now -- just
about all the LSI parts (CPU, RAM, memory interface, EPROMs, etc) are
almost unobtainable.

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