Enterprise 64 and 128

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Date: Fri May 23 20:52:59 2003

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> Subject: Enterprise 64 and 128
> I'm repairing an Enterprise 128. Has somebody experience
> repairing this computer?
> I have other Enterprise 64 in perfect condition.
> 12v DC and 5v DC in board are ok
> Eprom chip is ok (i exchanged it between two computer)
> I have schematic but only og memory expansion, and i/o circuit,
> including Dave chip.
> I need schematics of complete board.

Dammit, I've got a ton of Enterprise stuff including factory machinery and
technical documentation as well as unused or returned machines, but out of
all that the one thing I haven't got is a full schematic. The people who
were at Enterprise (or Elan, or Flan or whoever :) I've contacted don't seem
to want to talk about their creation, which is a bloody shame. Then again
times were hard back then, and people were being screwed over on a regular
basis so I can understand, sort of.

Doesn't help me get my prototype hard drive interfaces working though, does
it :o)

Luis, if you need anything from the technical docs I can scan or (hopefully)
photocopy, but it's purely words and no pictures.....


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