Openvms Alpha 3.0 kits now available

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat May 24 22:22:00 2003

>For those looking for up-to-date VMS media for you Classic (or other) Alpha's,
>I just noticed that Montgar has the OpenVMS Alpha 3.0 kits available.
>For reference, the URL is:
>Stuart Johnson

Thanks for the reminder, I'd seen this last night on comp.os.vms and had forgotten about it.

If anyone is running OpenVMS installed from the 2.0 Hobbyist Kit, and using TCPIP, you really want to get the 3.0 kit. Though it won't be till the next release of TCPIP later this year that it finally gets ssh support. Still, V5.1 added 'xdm' support and anti-spam features that make it well worth while. I'm honestly not sure what V5.3 adds, as I'm still running 5.1.


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