Operating old Mainframes was RE: Collection policy

From: ben franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Sun May 25 10:07:01 2003

Tim wrote:

> The aim of a business is to make money - and most would agree that
> homo-sapiens is essentially a lazy creature (at least, I am)! In terms
> of hardware and software design and production, this means more and more
> layers of abstraction between the basic computational structures and the
> functions that users desire. Doesn't it seem like a natural progression
> then, that not only do fewer and fewer people understand less and less
> about machine and system architecture, but given sufficient time, the
> nature of the IO devices and operations has/is becoming so different
> from the earliest systems, that it is becoming a non-trivial task to
> understand even their function, let alone their correct modus operandi
> (e.g. how many hardware engineers today would recognise, let alone
> understand the detail in the design of a mercury delay line)?
Forget that delay line ... I want a comparsion chart of the latest
DVD players. A schematic too EVEN! Right now I am looking for a
mid-priced player with good audio out , not some 39 cent part for audio.
This is true of computers, I want to know just what I buying!
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