More Gummint surplus goodies

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun May 25 11:16:01 2003

Stuff I recognize or at least have some reasonable guesses on:

#2 HP disc cartridges, could be 7900A type but likely 7905/6 type
#3 An HP 7905/06 drive (likely 7906) in a cute lowboy pedestal cabinet
#11 Looks like a Lier Siegler ADM 3A type terminal
#17 The terminal LOOKS kinda Data General-ish to me, that's just a wild
#25 An HP26xx type terminal in an unusual console desk with 2748B paper tape
#29 IBM 3270/3279 type terminal

> Check out the wierd (micro? terminal?) with the monitor in an adjustable
> gimbal cradle, almost like the old Philco Predicta TVS that the retro
> freaks all think is the Icon of 50s Tech...
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