Where have all the Termiprinters (was Selectrics) gone?

From: Dave Brown <tractorb_at_ihug.co.nz>
Date: Mon May 26 07:12:01 2003

Yep- That's them Tony. - Cardcage across the rear. Called a bustle, wasn't
it? I know there's still a manual of some sort round here but it's stored
away with other older handbooks. Can dig it out if it's likely to be of any
use. Had to part out two or three to get the rest all going concerns so
there may even be some of those displays still here. If you are interested I
will have a look.
All the ones I had were RO versions- they were used as local printers for
terminals hosted by an ICL (surprise!) mainframe which I also 'removed'.
Can't recall what it was though.
As a result of that enterprise we had orange 'washing machines' all over the
back yard for months. (They were about the right size, so that's what the
kids called them.) Actually CDC drives, from memory. The disk packs were
all of 60MB/s and they had a magnificent half horsepower single phase motor
driving them. Even now, relocating that monster and getting it all running
again would be a real challenge-back then (~1978) it was not even

Dave Brown
Christchurch, NZ

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> > And what about the Termiprinters-none of them left now either I guess-
> Are those the ones with the bammer bank and print belt, a bit like a mini
> line printer? Not a true line printer, though -- a maximum of 4 hammers
> can fire at a time since the PSU couldn't handle any more.
> If so, I have a pair of them, along with the field service manual. No
> complete schematics :-(. Mine started off as a 74 column KSR and a 118
> column RO, but I moved the wider hammer bank into the KSR machine and
> made the appropriate changes to the jumpering on the PCBs.THe only
> problem was the print position indicator (a numeric display indicating
> where the virtual printhead is) -- RO models didn't have it, and the one
> in my KSR was only 2 digits (obviously). I added an extra red LED to
> indicate the hundreds (no way could I get the original filament
> displays). A kludge, but it worked...
> > I saw a couple of the answerback pcb's out in the garage recently-the
> > with a strappable diode matrix assy to program up the answerback code.
> I never had the answerback option.
> > 20 or so of the basic 300 baud variants pass thru my hands about 15
> > back but no idea where any of them are now. There was even a 'fast'
> > (badged HP) that could print about twice as fast as the standard ones.
> Mine are ICL-badged, and at least one has the 600 baud position.
> -tony
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