That pesky Jupiter Ace *still* won't work...

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue May 27 05:26:00 2003

  I've just finished fixing the Ace's PCB using wire-wrap wire. All the
broken tracks I've managed to find have been fixed and all the damaged
through-hole plating has been repaired. Except there's one problem. The Ace
*still* won't boot to the FORTH interpreter.
  There is a load of garbage on the display - this seems to change while the
machine is running. The power consumption of the board - CPU and all - is
around 800mA (according to the crappy meter on my Farnell 1A bench PSU). I've
got the output on the PSU set to 9V, no current limit.
  Does anyone here have a logic analyser or microprocessor debugger that I
could borrow for a few days? I've got two scopes (a Tek 466 and a Gould
OS1100) and a Fluke 25 multimeter, but that's about it in terms of test
  Alternatively, does anyone know if a diagnostic ROM exists for the Ace?
Something that would replace ROM A and just load the video/font RAM with the
usual Ace character set would be very handy.
  The 2114Ls I'm using appear to be OK, but they draw a lot of current - in
the region of 75 to 100mA each.

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