Tektronix 4052

From: Thomas Dodds <tdodds_at_attglobal.net>
Date: Tue May 27 07:07:03 2003


I know that your request is over six months old, so you may no longer be
interested. Did you find the information you need on the 4052? I have a 1981
Tektronix catalog that has a one-page summary of the characteristics of this
device. Let me know if it is useful to you and I will send you a scanned

Tom Dodds
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Info request : Tek 4052
Hans B Pufal cctech_at_classiccmp.org
Tue Oct 8 10:51:19 2002

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We are exhibiting a Tektronix 4052 computer and I am looking for some
info on the beastie:
Year of introduction
Price at introduction
Memory size
Clock frequency
Tape capacity
Tape speed
Screen resolution
The web seems somewhat reluctant to divulge this info and I'd appreciate
your help.
   -- Hans B Pufal
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