QBUS board ID time

From: Peter Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Tue May 27 12:46:00 2003

On May 27, 16:34, Greg Elkin wrote:
> Got given a couple of "Dyna 5" BA23-size QBUS enclosures a bit ago -
> a bit tatty (rusted & dirty, must try to get a sandblaster or
> something to see if they can be rescued)
> just looking through the cards, can't ID this one yet :
> dual height QBUS
> Baydel (http://www.baydel.com) logo on the handles, "Baydel ltd" "CCK
> 2789" "B01079 iss4 C1984 CTS-11" on the board.

> Any ideas? Didn't turn anything usefull up on Google, I've emailed
> Baydel support for a laugh...

Baydel were (are?) latterly quite well known for RAID systems; prior to
that they made (amongst other things) QBus floppy controllers, to
connect to SA800/850 drives. I have a couple of single-density ones
that emulate an RXV11 or a pair of RXV11s. I'd guess this board is an
emulation of an RXV21, to connect to SA800/850 drives. Power it up,
and see if it responds to the RXV21 addresses.

BTW, I found Baydel quite helpful when I wanted some information about
mine (labelled F11-311) -- but that was a decade ago and I don't know
if the same technical staff will still be there.

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