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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue May 27 18:01:00 2003

> Did you suggest that they check the date code on all the other cards ;-)

NO, I gave up with them, and decided I'd rather give these flip-chips to
people who actually _wanted_ them :-).

> > I doubt it would destroy the machine in the sense that it could no longer
> > be used as an exhibit, or indeed that it could no longer be restored
> > again. In that sense, a machine that had been restored and then failed
> > during the museum demonstration is no different to a machine that's never
> > been restored.
> An makes the demonstration closer to real life when machines DID break
> down. I even imagine demonstrations of engineers fixing and testing the

Have you tried doing fault-tracing when there are clueless people
watching you, and asking why you're doing what you're doing? I tried it a
few times. It was OK on obvious faults when you know what to check, etc,
but downright painful on anything obscure.

> machines, a regular occurrence. Today you simply go aout an buy a new
> one :-(

Well, you might, but I certainly don't. Component-level repair is alive
and well round here...

> > Rubbish!. Are you seriously trying to tell me that these skills can't be
> > learnt? I would claim that anybody who _truely_ understood a modern
> > machine would have no problems on an older one. The fact that very few
> > people understand modern computers is the problem, not that the older
> > machines are so different.
> Precisely! and I see the older machines as offering a path towards
> better understanding.

Perhaps that's why modern machines don't worry me too much. Or actually,
it's why they _do_ worry me. I want to diagnose and repair them like I
repair my PDPs, but alas I can't get the neceessary information and parts
to do so. Oh well...

Still, becasue I learnt to fix PDP11s (after I learnt to fix the P850..),
there's not much digital stuff around the frightens me...

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