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From: Hans Pufal <>
Date: Wed May 28 01:16:42 2003

Peter Turnbull wrote:
> On May 25, 7:15, Hans B Pufal wrote:

>>No, but they can learn. I do EXACTLY that with a PDP-8/e cpu I drag
>>around to show at school exhibitions. The first question I get, of
>>course, is where is the screen and keyboard. I teach the kids binary,
>>than, with the aid of a small program left in the core we calculate
>> the mean of a sequence of numbers entered in binary. And not a screen
>> or keyboard in sight. This demo ALWAYS gets good reviews....

> Exactly what I did with my 8-year-old niece at Christmas. She's really
> into "sums" and arithmetic at the moment, so when I wanted to play with
> my 8/E, I taught her a little about binary, showed her how to read
> octal off the switches and lights, and we added some numbers. She
> loved it.

And so did you I'm sure. I sometimes wonder who gets the most out of
these demos, the domonstrators or the demontratees - definitly a win-win

   -- hbp
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