The Great Auction (Leaving the Hobby)

From: Mike <>
Date: Wed May 28 10:50:00 2003

You also get this message ("invalid listing"), when an auction is
cancelled by eBay.


>>How do you have a url if it isn't listed yet? I've
>>never heard of a delayed listing.
> When selling stuff on ebay, you have the option of setting your start
> date/time to something other than right now. It costs more to do this,
> but it is an option.
> So like Jeffrey's post said, the auction starts at 6pm PDT Wednesday. So
> I would assume the link will become valid as of that time (it would be
> nice if ebay gave you a slightly better message than just Invalid Item so
> you know you are looking at a not yet valid item as opposed to a totally
> incorrect listing ID)
> -chris
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