The final 'Garage' sale...

From: James Willing <>
Date: Wed May 28 13:08:00 2003

28 May, 2003

...and then one day you wake up, and things are just not the same

And so it is with the 'Computer Garage'...

As of today, I am with great regret announcing the dissolution of the
major part of the Computer Garage collection of classic computers and
related materials.

First; I will detail the method in which this will be done, and then I
will detail the reasons and events that have lead up to this decision.


The dissollution and redistribution:

With the exception of between six and ten units that have particular
'history' with me, all items in the collection will be disbursed. These
items will be specified shortly.

Beginning in a few days, and proceeding over the next few months as needed
a 'catalog' page will be created on the 'Computer Garage' site. For each
item there will be a description, a thumbnail picture when practical, an
estimated shipping weight, and a date.
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