Old Software (was: Re: The final 'Garage' sale...)

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Thu May 29 01:26:01 2003

>I agree about the software being important. I scrounge EBAY and swaplists
>for complete software packages for my pc's, 68k macs, amiga's etc. this
>ranges from OS, productivity, to games. Turning on an old mac with no
>software to play with isn't allot of fun. My collection is from the late

One thing I like about Mac's is that if you take a 10 year old Mac, and load it with software of the same age, and it can do basically anything the average user needs, with the exception of surfing (what can I say, I don't like browsing on slow systems).

>80's to mid 90's mostly. Recently I purchased a complete set of Desqview/x
>V1 and 2 to mess around with on the pc's I have (too expensive when new to

I remember seeing Desqview/X at trade shows. It was totally cool, and I really wanted a copy at the time. Now I've got a copy, I just haven't had time to setup a system to play with it.

>mass produced basic tools they are today. I don't think I have seen a real
>copy of A/UX 2 or 3 around in years which is basically what OSX is for the
>mac today but a decade older (macos on top of Unix).

My first introduction to Unix in January of '92 was A/UX (about a week later I started playing with Linux), trust me, OS X is a far better implementation! We used the C2 version of A/UX, and the system was painful to use (all we really used were Word Perfect 1.0 and MacDraw. Finally someone figured out how to get System 7 installed, and the system suddenly screamed!

Speaking of *old* software, I bought my first Mac in '95 (largely due to the previously mentioned system). Several apps that I got at that time I'm still running, though now I have to run them under classic mode. Thankfully the app I bought my first Mac to run, ClarisDraw (formally called MacDraw), still runs under Classic, as sadly a new version hasn't been released since I bought it :^(


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